Vision. All people are valued and organizations recognize the full worth of all contributors and team members.

Mission. To guide people and organizations toward growth, shared-understanding and improved performance with greater awareness, grace and authenticity.

Paul Iarrobino

Master Storyteller, Coach, and Strategy Consultant

Paul is master storyteller who regularly performs his craft at community events and incorporates stories when giving keynote addresses or presentations. He regularly inspires new storytellers by teaching and mentoring small groups. Paul helps organizations with strategic visioning and implementation, especially with new initiatives. As a coach, Paul helps individuals harness their inner strengths to remove barriers, improve key areas of their life, and rediscover their drive and purpose.

Arnel Mandilag

Technical Support Specialist

Arnel brings his creatively and technical skills TPCNW. He serve as our graphic designer and web specialist. Arnel creates marketing pieces, business cards, ensures our web site is updated and makes all presentations sparkle.