I Was Mortified

As a storyteller, I recently had the opportunity to perform at Mortified. Unlike the local Moth StorySlams, Mortified is uniquely different. You read from diary entries from your younger days and a professional writer helps produce your piece.

Local Moths are totally random in that they pick names from a hat before each story. While it can be an adrenaline-rush for the performer, you never know when and if you will be called. Plus, you have just 5-6 minutes to tell a true, personal story, on a designated topic, with a beginning, middle and an end. All stories are judged by three sets of random audience members and those scores are tallied and averaged out. The top scorer goes onto a local Moth Super Slam later.

When you sign on with Mortified, you start working as a creative team. That was a lot of fun and also takes trust and letting go. Megan was incredible at spotting key themes and creating the actual story. Easier said than done though! Outsiders are much more objective about our stories. And, since it was my story, I initially struggled with letting go of the control. I am glad I was ultimately able to get out of my own way because her instincts were right!

After all, this is not Moth and there is no ad-libbing here. You read from a script of created from your journal entries to tell your story. Did I like it?! I LOVED it!!! Doing Mortified created an incredible space to reconnect with my younger self, get vulnerable, and share that insecure part of me (that we all have) with a supportive and lively audience. If you kept diaries or journals from when you were younger and are looking for a challenge, Mortified could be for you.

For more information go to http://getmortified.com/participate/.


The random things that go through an adolescent's mind. Especially this long-term minded boy who acts more like an old lady at times.

Boston in the mid-70's. Still snowy and white.

Advice columns are fun to read. What would yours say back if you wrote about your mother's habits?

In the midst of a puritanical America...sometimes calling things as they are has to be done.