Past Projects

No More Secrets: Creating Visibility & Inclusion for LGBT Elders


November 14, 2018. Mr. Iarrobino will focus on what everyone can learn to help LGBTQ older adults feel sage and welcome in our community.

Our Bold Voices: Holidaze

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November 8, 2018. A show benefiting SnowCap, this event will showcase storytellers telling light and humorous stories about their holiday hijinks!.

Our Bold Voices: Creating a Day of Memories

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November 2, 2018. Join Paul in this event celebrating artistic expression in the trans community. Enjoy a music performance by NW Queer Chorus, an art exhibity by Annette Sabater, and live storytelling.

Our Bold Voices: AARP: On the Lighter Side


October 14, 2018. Join Paul and AARP for a fun afternoon with sweet treats, interactive games, and stories from older adults as we all explore the lighter and humorous sides of aging.

Our Bold Voices: Rescue Is For Lovers

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September 26, 2018. A show benefiting Pixie Project pet rescues.


Our Bold Voices: Schooled

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September 13, 2018. A show focusing on mentorship.


City of Hillsboro: Breaking the Silence Screening


September 25, 2018. The City of Hillsboro is sponsoring a Cultural Exploration Lecture Series, and a screening of the groundbreaking film followed by discussion and questions will be provided.

7 Deadly Sins: Pants on Fire


July 25, 2018. Is Paul lying or telling the truth? What about the six others who are telling stories? Only one of them is really lying, and the others are telling true but outrageous stories. If you can tell, you'll win a great prize and maybe earn some more booty!

Mortified Live

July 20, 2018 6:00 PM and 9:00 PM. Paul reads from his childhood diaries.



Breaking the Silence: DC


July 18, 2018. Screening and panel Q&A regarding Paul's production, Breaking the Silence: Stories from Oregon's LGBTQ Veterans and Service Members.

Multnomah County: Self Care for Caregivers

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June 16, 2018. Join Paul and hear his keynote and breakout session in this workshop for people caring for a loved one with dementia or serious illness.

Portland Art Museum: Invisible Me


February 10-July 15, 2018. Paul recruited and helped facilitate these powerful voices for Invisible Me. This exhibit candidly explores the symptoms of invisible disabilities because they are not often observed, yet those with these disabilities are easily judged, dismissed, and left feeling unvalidated. Invisible Me aims to help create awareness.

This exhibit will be on display through July 15, 2018.

Multnomah County: Understanding LGBTQ Veterans from a Trauma-Informed Lens

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May 22, 2018, and June 13, 2018. Join Paul, the Multnomah County Older Adult Behavioral Health Team, and SAGE Metro Portland for this event being offered at two dates. Includes viewing of "Breaking the Silence: Stores of Oregon's LGBTQ Veterans," panel discussion, presentations for understanding LGBTQ Veterans Trauma Informed Lens and the role of County Service Veterans Officers (CSVOs), and community resources.

Multnomah County: Proud Voices


June 2, 2018. Paul hosts! Local LGBTQ authors and poets Denise Chantrelle DuBois, Marnie Freeman, Vinnie Kinsella, and Jim Sutherland will read passages from their published works, share stories and answer questions from the audience. There will be plenty of opportunities for informal conversations, including book signing and sales. Light refreshments will be served.

Washington County: 2018 Storytelling Class

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Thursdays, April 5-May 10. Performances on May 15 and May 30. Washington County is looking for adults ages 60 and better who want to learn the art of storytelling. Six classes and two performances are scheduled.

QDoc: Breaking the Silence


May 18, 2018. Paul produced this movie about Oregon LGBTQ veterans and their stories about not being able to serve openly in the US military. If you didn't catch the November 2017 world premiere, here's another chance to view this ground-breaking film.

Our Bold Voices: Audacious Aging

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May 10, 2018. Older and bolder storytellers will share wisdom, fierceness, compassion, and humor in this special fundraiser for Vera's Purse.

Annual OSU Gerontology Conference


April 4, 2018. Paul will join other aging experts at OSU's annual gerontology conference and present two workshops.


Our Bold Voices: Nevertheless, She Persisted

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March 8, 2018. Hear stories of persistence from local women! Paul co-hosts with Erin Chourey and presents five daring storytellers: Alicia, Coco, Denise, Stacey, and Ellen!

Bag & Baggage: MOP Deconstructed

Website: Saturday, February 3; Sunday, February 4

February 3-4, 2018. MOP Deconstructed is a coming-of-age story of a gay man’s search for self-expression and acceptance, told through a generational lens. Reflect with Paul on culture and identity through childhood, college, and mature adulthood, with stories full of humor and poignance.

AARP Summit on LGBT Aging


December 12, 2017. Join Paul and AARP Oregon in Eugene, OR,  as they work to discuss issues facing the LGBT community as people age. Topics include:

  • Creating a platform that centers the voices and experiences of LGBT older adults to shed light on the issues they face and gaps in services, resources, and opportunities.
  • Providing a divers and inclusive forum for redefining aging and care and
  • Developing an agenda for advocacy, resources, and inclusion with and for LGBT older adults.

A light breakfast will be provided.

Pants on Fire


November 24, 2017. Is Paul lying or telling the truth? What about the six others who are telling stories? Only one of them is really lying, and the others are telling true but outrageous stories. If you can tell, you'll win a great prize and maybe earn some more booty!

2017 Washington County Family Caregiver Conference: Nourishing Your Mind, Body and Spirit


November 17, 2017. Paul will provide a keynote and facilitate an interactive workshop with three family caregivers.


Rose Villa Storytelling Happy Hour: Resilience


November 17, 2017. Join Paul with Ellen Wolfson and John Wylder for an afternoon of storytelling happy hour, focusing on the theme of resilience.

Breaking the Silence: An Oral History of Oregon's LGBTQ Service Members


Video Trailer

November 3, 2017. We are pleased to be have completed working on a special storytelling project for The Oregon Department of Veterans' Affairs. Oregon is first in the nation to launch outreach efforts for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender veterans. Research shows that LGBTQ service members are more likely to experience physical and mental health problems related to the stress of deployment and reintegration compared to their heterosexual counterparts.

We interviewed four LGBTQ Veterans and one active duty soldier. They shared their remarkable stories of courage and resilience to help raise awareness of their struggles.

What a timely project! The release of Breaking the Silence: An oral history of Oregon's LGBTQ Service members is scheduled for November 3rd at The Mission Theater.

Finding Our Voice: Powerful Stories of Resilience


October 21, 2017.  Enjoy a morning of storytelling hosted by Master Storyteller Paul Iarrobino and featuring three older adults sharing their accounts of resilience and aging. This interactive presentation will showcase valuable, but often sidelined, older adult voices while giving the audience access to the power within their own unique stories.

Our Voices Matter: Creating Visibility & Inclusion for LGBT Elders

Tuality Healthcare’s Annual Scott Armstrong Geriatric Mental Health Conference

October 20, 2017. Paul will combine his passion for sharing LGBT elder stories with the latest research and best practices to help providers be more prepared and welcoming.

Generations of Pride: Coming Out Stories from Diverse Voices


October 1, 2017. Join Multnomah Country Library as we jump start the month with an intergenerational diverse storytelling event celebrating National Coming Out Day. Hosted by master storyteller Paul Iarrobino.


We'll have LGBTQ stories, live music and light refreshments.


This event is free to the public, no library card required.



Pauli's Inaugural Friday Extravaganza Trip


September 22, 2017. Paul is a Ride Connection volunteer stationed at Metropolitan Family Service's Project Linkage as a dialysis driver. Starting In September, Paul will bring his love for older adults, sense of humor and adventure in creating fun themed trips.

Oregon Health Care Association's Fall Conference


September 19, 2017. Paul will be leading back-to-back sessions  on Navigating the Complexities for LGBT Elders: Creating Visibility and Inclusion.

Igniting Voices


September 7, 2017, 6:30-8:30 PM. TPCNW is pleased to be part of this powerful exhibition that pays tribute to local activists and their efforts in dismantling barriers and creating dynamic, inclusive communities.

This free event begins in the Whitsell Auditorium and moves into the Object Stories gallery in the Main Museum, Lower Level.

Pants on Fire


July 25, 2017. Is Paul lying or telling the truth? What about the five others who are telling stories? Only one of them is really lying, and the others are telling true but outrageous stories. If you can tell, you'll win a great prize and some street cred!


A Celebration of LGBTQ Generations

Brochure, Podcast, Portland Tribune News Article

June 14, 2017. Paul worked with a planning group to develop the program for this community event and hosted it, including a fast and fun trivia game!

Geezer Gallery Story Catchers


June 6, 2017. Join us for an evening celebration of The Geezer Gallery’s Story Catchers project! This is an interactive storytelling event celebrating handcrafted dramatic readings of LGBTQ stories, poetry and music! Hosted by master storyteller Paul Iarrobino.

Live storytelling and music from  5:30 – 7:15 pm

FREE to all

Where: Artists Repertory Theatre, 1515 SW Morrison, Portland, OR

Bring non-perishable food donations that will benefit Our House of Portland’s Esther’s Pantry…Door Prize Raffle items for food donors.

No-host wine, beer and snacks available in The Producer’s Lounge in main lobby.

Aging Out Loud

Brochure, Pamplin Media News Article

May 30, 2017. Join Paul and Washington County for an afternoon of storytelling featuring three older adults sharing their accounts of resilience and aging. More than ever, older Americans are working longer, trying new things, and engaging in their communities.


Foster Grandparent Recognition


May 26, 2017. Paul will emcee the program's annual volunteer recognition event. These active older adults serve children and youth in the tri-county and contributed 35,000 hours of service this year. Pretty amazing!

Leading Age 2017 Conference

2017 Conference Brochure

May 21-24, 2017. Paul will be leading a session on resiliency for professionals in the aging network.


But I Am Not a Storyteller! Bringing Storytelling to Work

PCC lecture details

May 20, 2017. This interactive workshop will equip you with the skills and confidence to use the power of storytelling in your communication and deliver your business messages in a more compelling way.

But I Am Not a Storyteller! Bringing Storytelling to Life

PCC lecture details


May 11, 2017. Join Paul to discover the power of storytelling in your communication and how to deliver your business and personal messages in a more compelling way.

Staying Relevant: Networking & Job Hunting Tips for Boomers

PCC lecture details

May 6, 2017. In this ever-changing, technological world, this workshop will help the older worker incorporate new strategies for revitalizing job searches and networking. You'll also learn about unique opportunities for this age group (canceled).

Fearless Retirement

PCC lecture details

April 22, 2017. Explore and discover your emerging self as you re-think, re-evaluate and explore ideas and approaches that match your values, passions and talents. Designed to provide dedicated time and space for you to develop your new narrative.

Annual OSU Gerontology Conference

April 5, 2017. Paul presented a keynote presentation entitled, Navigating the Complexities for LGBT Elders: Creating Visibility and Inclusion and teamed up with Reid Vanderburgh to present a workshop, Don't Forget About Us; Stories from the LGBT Community. This workshop included small group activities for providers to work together as a multi-disciplinary team in discussing real-life case examples and develop culturally responsive ideas and strategies.

SAGE Metro Portland Storytelling Training for Elder Panelists

March 21, 2017. Paul provided a storytelling workshop for LGBT older adults interested in joining SAGE Metro Portland's elder panel. The elders enrich the community training experience by sharing their unique stories and perspectives.


Winter Storytelling Class

February-March 2017. Paul led a four week storytelling class that included a community production. The tool for this class was resilience. The event was so successful it lead to additional community shows.


PAM Intergenerational LGBTQ Object Stories

Spring 2017. Paul worked with a small team to develop a unique intergenerational program that included principles of storytelling to connect cross-generational learning and understanding.


Oregon Long Term Care Ombudsman

February 9, 2017. Paul was the guest speaker for their volunteer recognition event. These amazing volunteers donate their time to advocate for people living in various  long term care settings around the state.

Also see the LTCO's appreciation on Facebook!

7 Deadly Sins

December 22, 2016. Paul was one of the featured storytellers for this local curated event. The theme was holiday and Paul did not disappoint. He closed his story with a song and to his surprise, the audience sung along!


engAGE Portland, Featured Storyteller & Event Host

December 2016. Paul hosted a holiday program for residents of a low-income building.



AARP Vital Aging in Southern Oregon

November 19, 2016. Paul provided an interactive and engaging keynote presentation, What's Vital About Aging Anyway, and actively involved the audience to learn how they stay vital.


Manage Your Time & Resources Wisely

October 22, 2016. Paul led a workshop designed to help new retirees look at retirement with a fresh perspective.



NW Airs Refresh, Renew & Resiliency

October 6-7, 2016. Paul's What's Your Story? Workshop challenges human services to remember the  stories of why they do this important work and how to give that narrative an authentic voice.


Navigating Cultural Differences (Regency), Presenter

September 2016. Paul joined other diversity trainers from the region to educate hospice and palliative  care providers on the unique issues when working with marginalized communities.



Mortified Podcast #68

July 2016. Paul's Mortified performance comes alive in Episode 68 when his interview is paired up with audio clips from his local production.


Annual OSU Gerontology Conference

March 30, 2016. Paul and his team of elder LGBT storytellers have the unique opportunity to talk with service providers about their journeys, hopes and potential concerns with senior services.

Mortified Live

September 3-4, 2015. Paul reads from his childhood diaries. Yup, Mortified is the right title!



Elder Storytelling Event

July 5, 2015. Paul mentored a handful of elders to share their stories for a community storytelling event.



The Moth

Website. Various appearances in Portland, OR; Louisville, KY; and Boston, MA. Paul is a frequent Moth performer.