Story Coaching: Practical Skills for a Hurried World

What Is Story Coaching?

Story coaching is an active approach to addressing our personal and professional lives that focuses on the stories we tell ourselves and others around us. When we work together, we explore these stories and often find that what we've been telling ourselves is no longer true or does not serve us well. By challenging assumptions and shifting focus, people often start feeling unblocked and can begin working on resolving conflict with more confidence, drive, and results.

We also explore the key differences from our “old” stories and our newly emerging stories. We support this integration with supportive listening and coaching. This practice often helps people get “unstuck” internally while becoming more compelling storytellers.

Story Coaching for Organizations

Organizations have embraced storytelling for decades to influence public opinion or shopping habits. These narrative competencies are essential to negotiating transition and creating positive transformation in the workplace. But all too often, there are tremendous political, financial, and social pressures placed on organizations in this hurried world.

Story coaching explores the values, history, philosophy, ethics, morals and influences at work while helping teams explore this through a new lens that integrates the dynamic and changing landscape. We examine the organization’s story and our connected stories. As with individual story coaching, this process helps organizations become more harmonious and relevant.


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