In an ever-changing and technology-heavy society, it's easy to forget the art of storytelling has been around for centuries and practiced by virtually every culture around the world. Stories educate, inform, entertain and capture our hearts and souls.

Lately, there seems to be a resurgence for storytelling in our busy lives. Could it be that we have sat through one-too many PowerPoint presentations? Could it be that we crave authenticity and meaning?

Paul Iarrobino enjoys helping others tap into their authentic voice to create meaningful dialogue and understanding . He also helps leaders turn data into drama, numbers into narrative, and statistics into stories.


TPCNW offers storytelling classes throughout the year. Classes are limited to (6) people to provide ultimate support to new storytellers. This supportive learning  experience will consist of an initial one-on-one, face-to-face coaching session prior to the group sessions to help understand and define the story and personal goals for the class, four workshop sessions, an individual coaching session if requested, and at least one community performance. If you have any questions or would like to know when the next class is offered, click here.

Group Services


Paul can add an entertaining balance and a sense of connection to conferences or events. Each presentation is tailored to the audience and include relevant, empowering insights and inspiration. Paul likes to create a festive atmosphere to enhance the interest, enjoyment, and participation of the audience.


Paul knows how to pack the FUN into funraising. He specializes in boutique-style fundraisers for small and medium-sized nonprofits. Could your nonprofit benefit from increased awareness and new funding?

Marketing and Outreach Strategies

Paul has over thirty years in health and human services. He is very skilled at evaluating strategies and helping to launch a new program or service or revamp an existing one.

Organizational Storytelling

Businesses and nonprofits often struggle with a shared vision and identity. We usually know the "hows" behind our work but there is great meaning once we uncover the "whys" of what we do. Paul's goal is to empower individuals and groups to rediscover purpose in meaning through a personal and powerful compelling story.

Managers, staff, boards of directors, and/or volunteers can be much more effective once they know the organizational and their personal  "whys."

Paul customizes a number of approaches to help with team building, change management, board development and rebranding.

Individual Services

Leadership Coaching

Paul coaches and mentors people looking to discover and express their authentic voice.

You will be able to articulate what you want and do in a way that attracts prospective clients and helps you get clear and confident about your intentions and purpose.

If you’re not telling your authentic, compelling story – you are not living your true purpose. Life's too short for that!